Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hi there you nice people who may have found your way here. 

We have a new single and video out, but we have too many things to try and make people read and keep up with, and this one is the least important... So please find us at:
twitter - @haganband

That's plenty. I promise we'll be funny and give away things for free.

Thanks hens,

Dave xoxo

Monday, 21 February 2011

"You Almost Got Us Punched In A Fight, That's Alright."

I have a question: In the 2000 summer smash hit single 'Life Is A Rollercoaster', why was it alright that Ronan Keating's girlfriend almost got him battered? I'd have been so angry if my girlfriend had somehow put me in a position that resulted in a near kicking. It's been almost 11 years since that song came out. I wonder if he thinks back on it and still finds it as funny.

SO. Welcome back to 'The Wonderful World of Hagana'.

This week we were supposed to be playing in Glasgow with a band from France called 7 Weeks, but seemingly one of them got injured and they had to cancel their entire UK tour. So instead of doing that I will be going into the studio to record drums for a new song! This is a song we've had for a while now but has since found a new lease of life after we decided to make an AMAZING NEW MUSIC VIDEO! If it works as well as I hope, it will be the best thing we've EVER done. To demonstrate what can be achieved on a budget of £0, here is a classic Hagana video...

We were recently confirmed as part of the line-up for the 2011 Haddowfest, a 2-day multi-venue music festival in Edinburgh over the first weekend in April. Last year's event was a huge success and I have no doubt this year will be briliant too. The line-up is looking great so far with Razorlight, LaFaro, The Fire and I, The 10:04s, Jim Gellatly plus LOADS more along with our pals Fatalists, A Fight You Can't Win and Underclass playing at venues across the city. We are playing at The Store (formerly The GRV) on Saturday 2nd of April at the 'Bainbridge Presents Stage' which is an all-day "heavy day". Expect sore ears and bums afterwards. Check out the Haddowfest website for all ticket packages and prices and things.

Now to some VERY exciting news in the offing from a member of the Hagana family. Chloe Amber (who featured on our track 'Stuck') has recently been snapped up by Wiley's A-List Records and now has 9 (several major) record labels interested in her. Good luck to Chloe, she is one of the most talented singers in the country and her upcoming debut single is a cracker. Watch this space, we will keep you updated as things progress in the coming weeks.

Finally, I am going to the USA next week!! I'm embarking on a 2-week road trip with some friends starting in New York and visiting Cleveland, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Washington DC, Philadelphia and some others. It's going to be pretty hectic but totally worth it. If I get drunk enough I might get up and do an open mic in Nashville and try and get booed off stage... "FAAAR, we've been travellin' far..." etc.

Thanks for visiting our wonderful world!

See you all soon. Except you. I never want to see you again, you disgusting man.



Thursday, 3 February 2011

Welcome to 'The Wonderful World of Hagana'!

OH HAI EVERYBODY! Welcome to 'The Wonderful World of Hagana'; a blog where we tell you what we're up to, things we like, things we hate and things that make you go hmmm. (Was that a song? Aye I think it was).

It's been a strange old start to 2011. We've played a few shows, including a cracker at 13th Note in Glasgow with our good friends Super Adventure Club and we've made some plans to start writing/recording a new EP/album which we hope to have out in the first half of this year. But we are also looking at the distinct possibility of a change in line-up for the first time (sort of) in our existence. I'll explain more of that in the next blog probably, but all you need to know is at our next gig at Bar Bloc in Glasgow on Feb 23rd, you might catch a glimpse of things to come... (cryptic). 

We recently had what we think is the best idea anyone's ever had since 'Safestyle Windows and Doors' blew most of their budget on hiring Cannon and Ball to do their TV ads... 

...All of a sudden I want to smash every window I ever see. ANYWAY, our idea is going to be amazing. A masterwork of a song and a moving music video. Just you wait. More news in the next blog...

So, thanks for checking out our wonderful world. There will be more soon. 

See ye's later gorgeous giruls (that was in my camp voice, of which most people know is harrowingly accurate).

Dave xoxo